60’s Time Capsule Home Puts Mad Men Set to Shame

In 1964, an Australian woman moved into a brand new home. She decorated it, bought some swingin’ new furniture, and aside from replacing some broken appliances with newer models, hasn’t touched a thing since. Result: Coolest grandma’s house EVAH.

Yowza. Proof once more that the retro enthusiast should be thankful for the cheapskates and the stubborn of the world.

Even better: It’s for sale. Who wants to take up a collection for the new Retroist HQ down under?

Check out the full slideshow at the Daily Telegraph, including some awesome then/now shots.


Privateer, grenadier, raconteur. In the midwestiest place on earth.

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5 thoughts on “60’s Time Capsule Home Puts Mad Men Set to Shame

  1. A few years ago, a time capsule house in St. Louis went up for sale. Built in 1955, the family that lived there spent all of their time in the basement (for whatever reason). The stove had only been used 28 times to cook 28 Thanksgiving turkeys. The bathroom and kitchen were spotless. The website that was setup for selling the place is still up with plenty of pictures: http://www.2204stephen.com/index.shtml

  2. vinvectrex says:

    I think this would be an ideal Retroist HQ. Except for the water running down the drains the wrong way. I doubt I could ever get used to that.

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