Sperry Univac in Irvine, California (1982)

Today’s Photo of the Day was posted by Desert4wd (Doug) and shows the interior of Sperry Univac’s Irvine, CA facility.

According to Desert4wd, This is “Sperry Univac – Irvine, CA . (One of ten buildings) and I’m not sure of the correct description of it. In any case it housed programmers, off-line and (online, in house) systems. Cards, disks, tapes and reams of paper.”

A great piece of history. As a kid I dreamed of working in rooms like this.

Sperry Univac - 1982


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2 thoughts on “Sperry Univac in Irvine, California (1982)

  1. mrnukem says:

    In the late 1980’s I did work in a room like this and it was COLD! The mainframes had to be run cool as possible so the computer room was always kept very very cold, that being said I worked in a room with a 1980’s ADDS Mentor and Sequoia Mainframes and it was awesome!

  2. Desert4wd says:

    The systems we were using were the Sperry-Univac Series V77 Mini-Computers. It was always chilly inside but bearable. (I’d try to generate a little residual heat by running several miles during lunch) This building was located on Von Karman Ave., a block or so down from Barranca and the Tustin Air Station (LTA). About a year before, this computer room was located on Michelson Dr. a few doors down from Sperry’s primary building on the corner of Michelson Dr. and Jamboree. (At the time, diagonally across from Fluor Corp.)

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