Daniel HDR’s Justice League/Hanna-Barbera Art!

Thanks to Daniel HDR we can now see what a Saturday Morning Justice League in the style of Kevin Maguire and populated solely with Hanna-Barbera characters would have looked like!

About his artwork, Daniel says: “Justice League + humor = the unforgettable JL run writted by JM DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and illustrated uniquely by Kevin Maguire (I had the pleasure to know personally in my trip to New York ComicCon 2011). In the classic cover of # 1, Maguire showed the characters of the team being seenfrom above, and all characters looking at the reader, in an ironic way. It was then that I decided to do a double homage: to this cover and super-heroes of classic Hanna-Barbera.
And here is my Justice League Saturday morning : )”

Make sure to take time and visit Daniel’s Drawingboard Chronicles Blog by following the link up top to see even more great artwork.

By the way…Can you name all of the characters in the Hanna-Barbera Justice League?


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