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The recent post on Stuff Yer Face reminded me of a thematically similar game I played a ton (sorry) as a kid. It was a seemingly obscure, and, by modern standards, somewhat politically incorrect game my aunt had at her house called “Fat Chance.”

From the box:

Fat Chance is a rollicking game for children that nutrition-conscious parents will love. Players move Fat Man pawns around the colorful game board trying to collect as FEW junk food pounds as possible. But the temptations are many and it’s hard to resist “pie a la mound”, “mozzarella mess”, “sunday driver” and the “tube steak special” (sic). What a combination – Ugh! Just imagine what you’ll feel like after stuffing yourself with all that junk! (yuk!) If you are lucky, though, you’ll be able to sweat off some of those pounds in the steam bath. Then if you challenge another Fat Man to a Weigh-In, he’ll be the one to flip down the scale not you. What a relief because the fewer pounds you gain the better your chances are of winning the game of Fat Chance.

According to boardgamegeek.com, the game was only made in 1978,so I don’t imagine it was much of a hit. In fact, I don’t recall anyone else I knew having a copy at their house. Did anybody else have it or remember playing it? Certainly someone else must remember this groovy art style that screams “seventies!”

I honestly don’t remember many of the details about the game, but after reading the above, I distinctly recall that we played the game in precisely the opposite way in our family. The object was to get your “fat man” as full of the little “fat food” tokens (from the “Fat Food Fridge”) as possible. The player who weighed the most at the end always won. This seemed to work out, so I assume the rules functioned OK playing in our unique way. Either that or my family was just humoring the kids.

You don’t get a lot of opportunities to play games were the object of the game is too stuff yourself silly. But in the past is was a whole genre of games. Games where most of the gameplay is about overeating, like Stuff yer Face and even Hungry Hungry Hippos, might not be as acceptably thematically as they were only a couple of years ago.

And FYI, I’m currently resisting the urge to Google up a recipe for “Mozzarella Mess.”

Watch this review of the Fat Chance Board Game


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