Tyco Notebook Games

Tyco Notebook Games

I love it when we get comments on some of our older posts. Not only does it show that our work is still being read and appreciated, but it can also clue us into things we missed or didn’t know about. Last night, BGBGH left a comment on an old Trapper Keeper post in which he mentioned that there use to be games inside the Trapper Keepers. This seemed vaguely familiar to me, so after a quick search, I found them: Tyco’s Notebook Games.

Unfortunately, the name was all I found, and since I just barely remember them (if at all; not sure if what I have is a real memory or a fake one), I can’t comment that much about them. But I can say for sure that if I had known about them back then, I would have thought they were awesome. You take them to school. You play them in class. They have that in-your-face, “wild, crazy, pastel, and squiggly” 80s vibe (even though they came out in the early 90s), and most of all, they fit in your Trapper Keeper. You slip them in among your other Trapper folders. They have holes so they go right on the three ring binder. Everything they need is attached to them like a Triple-Flip. And you can open your Trapper Keeper and play them without taking them out. Cool. Compact. Completely containable (one thing I always liked, as you faithful readers know). And Trapper Keeper-related. Would I have thought these were awesome? Absolutely. I still do.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. This seems like something that should be making a comeback! I can honestly say I have zero recollection of these games…but I probably would have grabbed one if had.

  2. I had a couple trapper keepers in the mid-80s, but never heard of these games. I think they came out after I stopped using trapper keepers. Then again, it sounds like most/all of them are sports based, so I would have ignored them even if I had seen them.

  3. I still have the football and baseball games, and for some reason my mother sent them to me in Afghanistan. Guess she thought I’d like to play with them even though they had been packed away for twenty years. I played them a lot in middle school that’s probably why I didn’t do too well.

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