Rod Serling’s Triple W (1963)

Rod Serling’s Triple W (1963)

I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning in the old house this week and happened to come across this collection of stories entitled Rod Serling’s Triple W: Witches, Warlocks, and Werewolves. I picked it up the first year I visited the San Diego Comic-Con back in the early 90s but it was released by Bantam Books back in 1963.

The writers for these 12 tales in this particular collection range from Rudyard Kipling to Fritz Leiber with an introduction by Serling himself of course. The tales offered up for your perusal are:

1) The Amulet By Gordon R. Dickson
2) The Story of Sidi Nonman By Anonymous
3) The Final Ingredient By Jack Sharkey
4) Blind Alley By Malcolm Jameson
5) Young Goodman Brown By Nathanial Hawthorne
6) The Chestnut Beads By Jane Roberts
7) Hatchery of Dreams By Fritz Leiber
8) The Mark of the Beast By Rudyard Kipling
9) And Not Quite Human By Joe. L. Hensley
10) Wolves Don’t Cry By Bruce Elliot
11) The Black Retriever By Charles G. Finney
12 Witch Trials and the Law By Charles Mackay

Probably my favorite of the book is the tale, Wolves Don’t Cry. It’s an interesting take on the Werewolf mythos and a love story to boot. If you happen to see this collection at your local used book store I would highly recommend that you pick it up and give it a read, especially if you are a fan of Rod Serling…and who isn’t?


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  1. That looks like a good book, but what happened to the werewolf? He looks like a werechicken!

  2. Ha, ha. I know!

  3. also it’s looking like that warlock is suffering from Claymation Werewolf-style male pattern baldness!

  4. I wish I could have that image on a t-shirt…I’d wear it everyday to show my allegiance to the WereChicken, a supernatural menace who does not give a single cluck about apperances…

  5. Bravo, Daniel Th1rte3n, bravo! You and Doug will have to share the first annual Retroist’s WereChicken award! Take a bow, you both deserve it. :D

    @Claymation Werewolf You and me both, friend!

  6. @VicSage I must compose my acceptance speech! What an honor!!

  7. This cover is creepy but not in a good way lol

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