Police Academy 4 Skateboarding Scene

Police Academy 4 Skateboarding Scene

I was a little too young to appreciate the first Police Academy movie when it was released back in 1984 (I was 11), but by the time Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol rolled around in 1987, I was a fan of the series. When many people think of Police Academy 4 they remember the performances of Bobcat Goldthwait and David Spade (along all the other Police Academy regular roster), but what I will always remember this movie for was this four-minute long skateboard sequence.

Although that was David Spade appearing at the beginning of the clip, that wasn’t him skateboarding. The skateboarding stunts in the film were performed by members of the Bones Brigade, a famous group of skateboarders that included Steve Caballero, Chris Miller, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, and Tony Hawk. According to Tony Hawk, he was originally supposed to serve as David Spade’s stunt double, but was fired “for being too tall.”


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  1. You link to skateboard scene goes to “Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Online”

  2. They had made the video unembed-able, so when I went to switch it to a link, I added the wrong link. Fixed now.

  3. Criss-cross — a double switch! Sorry about that, MaximumRD. I should have tested the embedded version first.

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