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Christian Hosoi pulls a McTwist

(I’ve had two or three skateboarding-themed topics on the back burner for a couple of weeks now, so I decided to declare this week “Skateboarding Week”. All of my posts this week will involve skateboarding. -Flack) Skateboarding hit its initial peak back in the 1950, originally created (as the legend […]

Broken Badges

Broken Badges was a Stephen J. Cannell (co-creator) police drama that aired on CBS from November 24, 1990 to December 22, 1990 and then ran again June 1991. The show was about three “reject” police offers, J.J ‘Bullet’ Tingreedes, who was addicted to danger, Stanley ‘Whipusall’ Jones, who was a […]

Mister Donut

I went back to my my hometown recently and spent over a month there. Most nights I would walk into town to get some food and while doing so I would pass a Dunkin Donuts. The smell of donuts made me even hungrier, but it also reminded me of when […]