Fleischer Styled Superman Art By Des Taylor!

Fleischer Styled Superman Art By Des Taylor!

While Superman is not my favorite superhero I’ve always been a huge fan of the Fleischer Studios Superman shorts from back in the 1940s. A local station that I could pick up on my little black and white television in my youth used to run a few of the shorts in between Saturday Morning cartoons.

Now take a look at this fantastic artwork by Des Taylor from his DesPop Blog!

I love how it looks almost like a screen capture from one of the animated shorts. Check out this awesome Rocketeer illustration that he did as well!

Des: “A special commission for a Rocketeer fan that bought my Vesha Valentine book this year.
Had some great comments at San Diego comicon with this piece.”

Take time to follow that link up top to the DesPop blog and prepare to be amazed!


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  1. I saw these on Tumblr the other day. Really fantastic work! I would love to see a Fleischer Rocketeer cartoon!

  2. That superman looks really nice, but the Rocketeer in that style is one I would pay to see.

  3. Gorgeous! The Superman is breathtaking!

  4. I’m going to have to agree with you on that statement, Retroist. I’d gladly lay down some money to see the Rocketeer by Des Taylor in comic book or animated formats!

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