Mr. T Anti-Drug PSA Commercial (1980’s)

While I truly do believe that the Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement posted yesterday by Saturday World is quite possibly the most awesome PSA of all time…I will have to put this commercial in the most disturbing category when you start to think about it.

[Via] Lugosiable’s YouTube Channel

1) Mr. T is so angry that he shatters that glass of milk in his hand. Look at how that poor waitress rushes to clean it up…then thinks twice about doing so.
2) Mr. T is so caught up in his rage that he picks up the cameraman and shakes him like a ragdoll.
3) Mr. T might have actually choked the cameraman until he passed out…and then smiles and asks if he is okay.

I always listened to Nancy Reagan when she said Just Say No! but even if I hadn’t I would have been too scared that Mr. T was going to come busting in through my door to strangle me or something.


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  1. @VicSage The best part was the end. His smiling after such abuse was hilarious. Now I feel like I need to find another unusual PSA to compare with these last two we’ve shown.

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