KerPlunk made for great Solo Game

Thanks to Allen and his roadsidepictures account for uploading this great photo of the game KerPlunk. This was the exact version of the game we had in out house and it brought the memories flooding back.

The game was my sisters’ so it would be stored in their room (they shared ad this point). They never played it, but I had permission. Oddly though, I had to play the game in their room. For some reason I was not allowed to take the game out so I would settle down on the golden carpet in front of the window and let the sun bake me and this amazing game.

Who did I play the game with you ask? No one! While KerPlunk was suitable for up to 6 players. I would play it alone as all 6. I even marked the little trays with dots of marker color so that I could know “who” was “who”. In my head it seems like such a lonely experience, but at the time, I did not think anything of it and I remember even keeping a running tally of which colored dot won more games. I still own a modern version of KerPlunk today and I am happy to pull it out when company is over and people feel like getting their marble drop on. I have not played a solo game in a while though. Maybe next weekend I will give it a try. See if old green is still the best player in the house.

My copy of the game now is more like this one…

I would like to get a copy of the original to replace it OR I would love a copy of the version like the one in The Many Who Knew too Little…


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