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Most homes in Oklahoma don’t have basements. Because of the water table, combined with the hard red clay found in the ground here, basements are an exorbitant luxury. In almost 40 years of living here, I’ve only been in two homes that actually had basements. Instead we use our attics for storage, and it is not uncommon here for people to deck out large portions of their attics to create large storage areas.

When people see all the crazy stuff I buy and collect, many of them ask me what my attic looks like. In my old two-story home, my friend and I cut a hole and installed a full-sized door that opened directly up into my attic. I decked out a 12’x12′ floor that held lots of storage tubs and shelves. Here’s a look at just one set of shelves I had up there; I took this picture shortly before we moved.


The top shelf there holds an old 486 DX4/100 on the left an a Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple II clone) on the right. On the second shelf from the top you can see three Apple II computers on the left and four Commodore computers on the right (three C64c models with a 128 on the far right). I believe the machine sandwiched between the two stacks is a TRS-80 COCO.

On the bottom shelf there are two older “pizza box” Mac computers on the left, with an Atari 800 and an Amiga on the right.

All of these computers made the voyage from the old house to the new house. One of the Commodores, the Amiga, and an Apple II system have already been set up in the new place. The rest will probably sleep out in the garage for a while; some of them are working, others I hang on to for spare parts.

Some people have bats in their belfry. Me? I have antiques in my attic.

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