Special When Lit: Pinball Documentary Now On Netflix Instant!

Special When Lit: Pinball Documentary Now On Netflix Instant!

My Wife and I were able to catch this fantastic Pinball documentary by Brett Sullivan, Clayton Jacobsen, and Emily Rickard on Netflix Instant last night. The documentary focuses a little on all matter of aspects about Pinball, including some heartbreaking film footage from the almost 30 years that Pinball was outlawed! There are some very haunting images of “fallen” tables in this film as well, some of them you will see in the trailer below.

[Via] Special When Lit Movie YouTube Channel!

The documentary also spends time with some of the people who were instrumental in the designs of the Pinball tables we play to this day as well as some of the top Pinball Wizards of our time. I had a lot of fun seeing some of my favorite tables on the screen and people lined up to play them, I particularly enjoyed the little kids who looked on in amazement at the flashing and clanging pinball tables.

Special When Lit is a bittersweet documentary that reminds us that we lost a bit more than the silver ball when we lost the arcades, perhaps we lost just a bit of magic and innocent with those closings as well. But perhaps not all hope is lost…look at this site, eh?


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  1. Now you’ve made my dad, Vic. Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball, is also out on DVD. It’s been in my Saved queue for a long time, but Netflix says there will be a long wait.

  2. Great doc, I just watched it. Made me miss playing pinball at the pizza parlor my family used to go to.

  3. When I started watching this, I thought it was going in a direction I didn’t like; pointing out what geeks the collectors are, etc. But it came around. I want to visit the older guy who was single, with his house stuffed full of of machines and parts, with his gut hanging out under his stripy shirt.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I just love Netflix streaming. I’m always finding something cool on there to watch. I found the old Godzilla and Gadzooky cartoon on it the other day and added it to my queue.

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