The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia

The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia

If you are fan of The Marx Brothers, you have a lot of great films to watch, but what if you want to know more about the history of this groundbreaking comedy family? I have watched quite a few documentaries about the golden age of Hollywood and even one about the Marx Brothers specifically, but they always leave me wanting more. That is why I decided to pick up a copy of Glenn Mithchell’s The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia.

This revised and updated 309 page book from Titan Books, is densely packed with information about anything you could ever ask about the Brothers. As a bonus, since it is an Encyclopedia, it is organized alphabetically, which makes finding things a breeze. But just because it is a reference book, does not mean it is a dry read. Oh No. This book is chock full of photos, publicity stills, posters and fun facts that make it a great book to just pick up and poke through when you have a few spare minutes on your hands. Perhaps while to popcorn is popping before you start one of their films?

After reading the book it is not surprise to see why the Marx Brothers are still a household name, decades after their heyday. But I really didn’t need to be swayed. To me, The Marx Brothers are comedy geniuses. If you need convincing of this, just watch one of their films. Afterwards while the awe for their talent is still fresh in your brain, pick up a copy The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia and get acquainted with the scope of their careers. If you are like me, the book will inspire you to re-watch and celebrate these clown princes of American comic royalty again and again.

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