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Chasing Ghosts on Hulu

Chasing Ghosts, a documentary about the guys from this Twin Galaxies Life magazine photograph is available for viewing on Hulu. I’ve been waiting to see this one for a long time. If you’re a Netflix fan, it is “coming soon” to Instant Watch (or so my queue says). I liked […]

Tom and Jerry in Just Ducky

Just Ducky is the 77th Tom and Jerry short. It was created in 1951, directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby with music by Scott Bradley. It would not be released until September 5, 1953 by MGM. Besides being a very funny cartoon, this short […]

Wuzzles! The Full Moon Review!

**One Monster’s continuing mission to explore strange new (old) cartoons. Shows he has never seen! Watched in small segments and reviewed immediately. No research! No rewinds! No shame! Join me as I embarrass myself for your reading pleasure. This is Full Moon Reviews!** Ah The Wuzzles. Disneys animated series chronicling […]