Superman I-IV on DVD for under $10

While browsing through Target last weekend I ran across this sweet mini movie collection:


That’s Superman, Superman II, Superman III, and Superman IV all in one package for $9.99. If I didn’t already own all four of those movies on DVD, I would have picked it up immediately. The package said “dual-layer” and felt light, which led me to believe the package contains all four movies on a single disc. Still, the price is hard to beat if you don’t already own these classic films on DVD.

So buy them, or KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

Note: If you cannot get to Target they are also running this deal at Amazon.

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One thought on “Superman I-IV on DVD for under $10

  1. BANE says:

    I have it already. Target has great DVD´s 4 in one. Cannot wait to visit again to see what is out. They also have the 4 movie Batman 90´s in a volume.

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