Freakies Cereal Commercial (1974)

Thanks to the Great American Cereal Book I’ve learned that in my youth I missed out on what might have been the most awesome cereal ever*. Freakies!

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Freakies cereal was released by Ralston in 1972 and taken too early from the shelves in 1976. Two more flavors were released in the cereal line, in 1973 with Cocoa Freakies and in 1975 with Fruity Freakies. The Freakies did make a comeback in 1987 with a new cereal and this time they were cast as space aliens.

From the all-knowing Wikipedia: “The Freakies were made up of seven creatures named Hamhose, Gargle, Cowmumble, Grumble, Goody-Goody, Snorkeldorf and the leader BossMoss. In the mythology of the Freakies, the seven went in search of the legendary Freakies Tree which grew the Freakies cereal. They found the Tree, realized the legend was true, and promptly took up residence in the Tree which then became the backdrop for all the TV spots and package back stories.”

Just a little fun cinematic fact, apparently Tom Hanks can be seen eating from a box of Freakies in the often overlooked classic The ‘Burbs.

So what do you think, friends? Is it time for the Freakies to make another comeback?

*Everyone knows that Boo Berry is the greatest cereal ever made.


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3 thoughts on “Freakies Cereal Commercial (1974)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Great posts. I got to know one of my best friends thanks to Freakies cereal. I happened to be with a mutual friend when we visited her dorm room – and the fridge was adorned with Freakies magnets. She was amazed that I knew what they were – and we’ve been great friends ever since.

  2. I’m beginning to think that some of these cereals I’ve been reading about never made it to my neck of the woods because I certainly had not recollection of Freakies, even in it’s update space mode. :)

  3. I’d love to find a Freakies box for my Cereal Box collection, but they go from $200 and up on ebay (I think a really beat up one just sold for about $250). I keep dreaming I’ll stumble upon one at an estate sale or something. I need to find some hoarders houses that are being cleaned out…..

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