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The Hammer Vault is a must own for Hammer Film fans. The book consists mostly of various publicity material for Hammer films from as far back as “The Quatermass Xperiment” (1954) to to as recently as “Let Me In.” (2009) Many of the Hammer’s films from this era get coverage with a page or two of photos, memos, and posters, along with a couple of paragraphs talking about the production and giving some fun to read trivia.

The pictures and writing are great — Marcus Hearn really knows what he is talking about and writes about Hammer in a way that makes it accessible even to those who are not deeply immersed the the mythology of the studio and its works. In other words he is concise and informational, while at the same time not “dry”.

The quality of the book (photos, paper and binding) is high like most Titan books I have picked up. With its brightly illustrated cover it is suitable for the bookcase or the coffee table.

After finishing this book, I can walk away saying I certainly learned a lot about Hammer. I am not sure I would or can label myself an expert on Hammer studios yet, but I am happy to report that “The Hammer Vault” has gotten me one step closer to that label. If you want to get that label yourself, pick up The Hammer Vault today.


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