The Commodore VIC-20 Computes at Our Everyday Low Price $59.97

When this ad ran in the Toronto Star in 1984, the VIC-20 had already been out for almost 4 years. While other computers were more powerful, 60 bucks Canadian for this machine was a bargain in my opinion. Especially when you could load up on carts for $7 a piece.

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5 thoughts on “The Commodore VIC-20 Computes at Our Everyday Low Price $59.97

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I wonder what “home baby sitter” was? For $7, did it help you become a baby sitter, or did it babysit your home – like turning on/off lights.

  2. 8bitghost says:

    You know, it occurs to me I think I am the ultimate geek when in comes to computers, but some things still surprise me. I have never seen that datasette recorder before? Must have missed that (grew up in the sticks), did it use audio cassettes? or special cartridges?

  3. 8bitghost says:

    woah so cool, even for old tech, sooo cool #epic anyone use one of these on the regular basis at the time? any feedback on its ease of use or pain in the butt?

  4. Alphacentaurian says:

    Wow. The London location just moved within the last year or so. Interesting to see how long it had been near White Oaks.

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