Bioshock Infinite Artwork By Alex Garner

My love for the time period that the Bioshock games are set in is pretty evident since I write for the Retroist. With this latest incarnation, Bioshock Infinite, we have a setting that is not under the waves in Andrew Ryan’s doomed Rapture but high in the clouds in the city of Columbia. Alex Garner over at deviantART has whipped up some incredibly impressive fan art for the upcoming title with this Saturday Evening Post cover featuring the main characters, Booker and Elizabeth.

Alex had this to say about his piece of art : “I had such a fun experience with the Portal 2 fan piece, I decided to go further and paint a bigger one for the upcoming game BioShock Infinite. This game’s set design and characters are amazingly well done, especially Elizabeth; she doesn’t have that dead-eye lifeless look you seen in so many video game characters. To see what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and check out the 15 minute gameplay trailer.”

This is not the gameplay trailer that Alex mentions but the latest teaser.

[Via] The Game Trailers.Com channel over on YouTube.

Alex is a professional in the comics industry so make sure to follow his link up top to check out some of the art he has done for DC Comics, IDW, and Marvel Comics. Good stuff.


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