McDonald’s 1987 Cinderella Stuffed Toy Gus and Jaq

I was going through an old box of assorted doodads when I cam across a small stuffed Gus from Cinderella. It did not take me long to remember where the little guy came from, he was a Golden Arches giveaway that I received along with some of my standard McDonald’s gift certificates for Christmas. I missed the little guy and he is now on the shelf nestled between Grimace and Kool Aid Guy. Grimace is not a fan, but Kool Aid Guy says, “Oh Yeah!”


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7 thoughts on “McDonald’s 1987 Cinderella Stuffed Toy Gus and Jaq

  1. mwentworth says:

    Dang, the video is not showing up for me! I think they were intended as ornaments, right? I also have some Rescuers ones somewhere.

  2. garsh says:

    Gus was something I had an unreasonable amount of fun with. I used him like my own personal (Chip & Dale’s style) Rescue Ranger. I built him an arsenal of mouse-logical weapons (including a working crossbow made from a short pencil, paperclip and rubber band). He was also the pilot of a custom designed helicopter cobbled together with things like a styrofoam meat tray and a Play-Doh can. The propeller was made from plastic butter knives, and I even fastened them onto a small, battery-powered electric motor that spun it around at the flick of a switch.

    We had good times.

  3. Doug says:

    I have the large sign that McDonald’s used to advertise these (About 4′ Tall). I cant find it anywhere on line. Any idea what it could be worth? (Funny side note. They spelled Jaq’s name as Jack on the sign)

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