Kevin Costner’s 1983 Commercial for Apple Computers

According to IMDB this commercial was directed by future Flashdance director Adrian Lyne. This got me wondering if the dog in this commercial is the same dog (Jumbo Red) who played Grunt in Flashdance?

Oh and it is me or does Costner’s mousing technique need some work? It looks like he is mousing that way either for the camera or because he has never used a mouse before.


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4 thoughts on “Kevin Costner’s 1983 Commercial for Apple Computers

  1. vinvectrex says:

    The left-handed mousing certainly caught my eye (as a leftie who uses the mouse with my right hand).

  2. vinvectrex says:

    Definitely – it’s as though those fingers have never used a mouse before. Rather than resting comfortably on it, it is a very delicate touch.

  3. Hey, don’t care what you guys say, he looks like he is a bad @$$ executive that does things HIS way.

    Afterall, he bought a Lisa, who else can say they bought a Lisa when they came out??

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