Billy Jack could beat up Chuck Norris!

I can hear all of you coming to Chuck’s defense as I type this but let me explain. First, I am a huge Chuck Norris fan and love his movies. But before I discovered Chuck Norris there was Billy Jack. If you have never seen any of the Billy Jack movies, please find at least the best one of the bunch simply titled “Billy Jack”. His first movie was “Born Losers”, then after “Billy Jack” there was “The Trial of Billy Jack” and “Billy Jack goes to Washington”. I picked up a very nice box set a couple of years ago with all 4 movies and some terrific special features. Tom Laughlin plays Billy Jack and is one of the pioneers in the film industry that introduced the wide-release movie system that we are used to today. Laughlin was a one man army on the screen as well as behind the scenes. Writer, director, actor, marketing genius, and later in life he became what my dad would refer to as a “political nut job”! He even ran for president of the United States a few years back on a write-in campaign. The movie was rated “PG” back then but I’m sure it would receive an “R” rating by today’s standards. Too bad Billy Jack and Chuck Norris never battled it out on the big screen.


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2 thoughts on “Billy Jack could beat up Chuck Norris!

  1. Doug says:

    “It’s funny, isn’t it? How everybody in town’s afraid of you?” NO! IT’S NOT! He just beat the snot out of 20 guys. I’ve never seen Billy Jack, but I’ve heard One Tin Soldier one too many times. Guys in martial arts used to refer to a roundhouse kick as a Billy Jack kick because he uses it so much. Maybe Stallone will put Billy Jack in Expendables 3!

  2. plcary says:

    @Doug- Stallone better hurry since Billy is now 80 years old! And I can’t wait to see Chuck in the new Expendables!

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