Doom Patrol By The Mirrorball Man!

The Mirrorball Man over at deviantART has done something wonderful with this piece of artwork depicting the DC Comics team, The Doom Patrol. He’s meshed them with Mike Mignola’s (Hellboy) art style and I believe you’ll agree it looks fantastic.

I think I’ll leave the history of the Doom Patrol to Retroist Regular, Daniel Th1rte3n!

This clip from Batman: The Brave and the Bold will at least get you introduced with this team of perpetual outsiders as they use their gifts to aid a humanity that reviles them.

[Via] Tomstoyz2 over on Youtube.


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3 thoughts on “Doom Patrol By The Mirrorball Man!

  1. I love this. It’s one of my favorite episodes of Brave and Bold and the art from Mirrorball Man is extremely cool. Thanks for posting.

  2. You can never go wrong with four “freaks” of science that not only hate themselves but accept the hatred and distrust from the populace. ;)

    One of my best friends picked up the Matty Collector set of Doom Patrol toys this last Christmas. I’ll snap a photo of them and post ’em at some point.

    I’ve said this before, that even though Brave and the Bold is lighter in tone than your typical Batman fare, it was hands down one of the best animated shows on TV. Especially because of the amount of B-List heroes they included in the series!

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