The Classic Red Phone

I was in need of a new land line phone recently. I had an avocado green trimstyle phone for a couple of years, but recently it stopped ringing. I had long planned to replace it with another phone and red was the color I craved. A quick look online and I settled upon the SCI-25003 Standard 1 Line Des Phone in Red. So far I have no complaints. It feels sturdy, the button action is nice and the ring. Ahhhh, the the ring, it is just what the doctor ordered. So if you need a home phone, think red and think the SCI-25003.


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3 thoughts on “The Classic Red Phone

  1. plcary says:

    Excellent choice! I have not had a land line phone now for about 5 years. I missed that classic ringing sound so I put an old ringtone on my cell the other day. I got one of my daughters one of the retro phone handsets for her Iphone at Christmas and she loves it!

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