Island Fun Barbie

When I can sing along to the the entire theme song to Island Fun Barbie. It raises the question, “What kind of TV was I watching in the late 1980s?” I did watch a lot of Jem, but I cannot remember where this ad ran. Oh well.

I cannot say I ever got to play much with the Barbies, but Island Fun Barbie with her slightly frizzy (humid island appropriate) long hair, looks like she is having fun. Especially with that water fall filled lagoon that the girls in the video get to play with. If I had that, it would have made a great exotic base for Zartan and his Dreadnoks.

I do not think Island Fun Barbie was very popular. You can still get a vintage one in box at a reasonable price on Amazon.


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “Island Fun Barbie

  1. mwentworth says:

    I did have a few Barbies growing up, but they were strictly used as plot devices for my Mego Star Trek and POTA dol, er…action figures. Being a bit taller, Barbie looked strange wearing Uhura’s uniform, but a blonde redshirt was called for in some scenarios. I was an odd child.

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