Walt Disney Showcase # 46 – The Cat From Outer Space/Shaggy Dog (1978)

Somehow this particular Walt Disney Gold Key comic totally slipped past my radar as a kid. I usually ended up with one when visiting my Grandparents on a Sunday after church, but perhaps this issue featuring illustrated adaptations of the Cat From Outer Space and the Shaggy Dog were snatched up by other kids that weekend.

[Via] Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin, a blog that all self-respecting comic book fans should be visiting. He loves Swamp Thing, so you know you can trust him!


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7 thoughts on “Walt Disney Showcase # 46 – The Cat From Outer Space/Shaggy Dog (1978)

  1. Drahken says:

    The cat from outer space was one of my most beloved movies as a kid, shaggy dog was good too. However, i never liked disney comic books.Part of it was something about the art style, something I can’t quite pinpoint. Part of it was the stories. Mickey, donald, etc art supposed to be short subject characters, yet the comics always put them in long, drawn out stories, it’s the same reason why I never liked any of the disney cartoons that were based on existing characters (like goof troop for one).
    While the story issue wouldn’t apply to something like the one posted here, it was ingrained in me that disney+comic=bad.

  2. vinvectrex says:

    The Cat from Outer Space was the first movie I saw in a theater. I still recall sitting there next to my dad like it was yesterday. Thanks for the great memory!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I loved Gold Key comics as a kid.
    And while I grabbed every Disney comic I could, you have a point, Drahken, in pinpointing out the lower art standards of the comic itself.
    That goes for lots of comic book experience, where the cover is stunning (and usually reason enough to buy the comic) but the art inside requires you to ‘adjust’ your expectations to enjoy the ride (which I did, anyway).

    Never happened with Spider-Man and Batman comics (which I ate up from front to back cover and burped with glee) which had massively talented artists.
    Happened more recently with X-Files comics where the characters barely resembled themselves (or sometimes were traced from stills of the show for accuracy – weirdly inconsistant).

    But yeah, Disney art is a standard in itself. My Uncle Scrooge comics had good art, but film adaptations (like 101 Dalmations) were iffy and like looking at a beloved pet through a distorting mirror.

    Anyway, loved Cat From Outer Space, but saw it at an age when I was growing out of the Disney mentality, so it was one of the last one from that period I saw with my dad as a Disney kid.
    Of course, their edgier fare like The Black Hole, Watcher In The Woods and Something Wicked… won me back during those rebellious, Popeye cigarette-smoking teen years.
    And of course Tron flabbergasts me to this day. It’s like it loaded up into reality from my video game existence.

    They musta made a Tron comic, no?
    I still have my Black Hole Classic Comic.

    Thanks for the memories, Vic.

  4. I remember seeing the Cat From Outer Space not at the movie theaters sadly but on the Movie Channel one morning. Hey, it had Roddy Mcdowall in it, which means it had to be good!

    The issue before your Showcase Black Hole comic, Atari Adventure Square, just happened to be the adaption of the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. :)

    Drahken, you didn’t like Duck Tales?

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Those Disney flicks with The Prisoner himself were terrific TV fare.
    Caught those while staying at my country cousins house.
    The surrounding nature space added to the somewhat eerie feel.

    The Three Lives Of Thomasina had me considering their nearly-always-pregnant cat with Disneyesque wonderment rather than the usual medically-inclined questioning of “What do they feed her to make her do that?”.

    And also – I agree : anything with Roddy McDowall still is must-see entertainment for me.
    CFOS and That Darn Cat (1965) makes a good Roddy\Disney cat double-bill.

  6. Drahken says:

    Duck tales was one of the few disney toons with disney-esque characters that I liked. I don’t know why I liked it and not others.

    When I say disney-esque characters, I mean ones that you immediately -know- are disney, even if they’re new. All the characters in darkwing duck are perfect examples. With few exceptions, they are new characters, but you immediately know they’re disney ones. Contrast that with something like gargoyles, which doesn’t seem to be disney at all, or winnie the pooh or wuzzles, which do have that bubblegum-like disney feel, but just don’t seem like tradional disney characters (because they originally weren’t, but that’s beside the point atm).

    When it comes to disney shows with disney-esque characters, duck tales was the only one I liked. Some I was “eh, whatever” about, while others I didn’t like at all. Darkwing duck & talespin were watchable when nothing better was on. Goof troop & chip & dale rescue rangers though I couldn’t stand. (Especially rescue rangers, where chip & dale were taken so far from their established norm.)

  7. When I was 6 I had a babysitter who was working on a school project in which she had to come up with a story. She decided to ask me for ideas and I came up with one about a cat from outer space.

    A few months later I saw the commercials for this movie on TV and I really thought it was my idea that inspired it! Never ended up seeing the move, however.

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