Awesome Costumes from 1980 Westercon

These photos speak for themselves, so all I will add is that I would have loved hanging with these people. They are true pioneer fanboys and fangirls.

[via] The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society [via] BoingBoing

(By the way, there is a Mike Jittlov spotting in these photos. I plan on doing a post about him – he’s an amazing filmmaker and animator.)

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles.He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Costumes from 1980 Westercon

  1. mwentworth says:

    The mermaid wardrobe malfunction would have been even more provocative back in the day.

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