Happy Video Game Music – Bubble Bobble

When I am feeling down, like a lot of people I try and listen to music that will make me happier. One of my favorite genres of music to cheer me up is video game music, but not all of it is cheery. Which is why I have a special playlist of the good stuff. Which I have very originally labeled, “Happy Video Game Music”. I know we can all use a pick-me-up from time to time and most of the stuff is available online for download or can be streamed at sites like YouTube, so I thought I would share these tracks here on the site.

My first entry is the theme music to the 1986 platformer, Bubble Bobble, by Taito. The music was written by, Zuntata who are Taito Corporation’s “house band”.

Here is the game music for the arcade version:

and here is the song being played on Piano by Andrew:

Do you have video game music that puts a smile on your face when you hear it? I would like to hear what you like, so I can enhance my playlist.


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