Gargoyles! They’re coming for you!

There aren’t very many made for tv movies that make it into my favorites list but 1972’s “Gargoyles” will always be included. As a kid growing up in the 70s I could not wait for Friday nights to arrive. One of the 2 (that’s right two) tv channels we received featured a scary movie at 10:30 every Friday. I would plop myself down on the floor in front of our Zenith 25 inch color console and watch until my eyelids refused to stay open. “Gargoyles” featured some pretty good makeup effects by a young Stan Winston who would go on to much bigger and better things. The movie is out of print I believe but there is was a very good copy of it on youtube.


I love retro toys, television, movies and just about anything from the 70s and 80s.I frequent flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and auctions hoping to nab my next pop culture trophy.

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