You May Have Won this $60,000 Ferrari, but not Tom Selleck or his Hat

This ad for a Chaz cologne sponsored contest shows remarkable restraint by not mentioning Mr. Selleck once in their copy. I mean how is that possible? It is MAGNUM PI himself, sitting on a Ferrari, inexplicably wearing a cowboy hat. That deserves at least a sentence.

[via] Flickr

What I love about this ad, is that it allows me to imagine future episodes of Magnum PI where he sets up shop in the mainland. Just picture it…

Maybe it looks better as a scan from a magazine?


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One thought on “You May Have Won this $60,000 Ferrari, but not Tom Selleck or his Hat

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I will definitely be checking my local listings. I’ll happily watch Magnum in Texas. Although that hat could work well in my home state of Montana. And, the Ferrari would have done well in the days of no speed limits.

    And, what’s the significance of 5,622 total prizes? Why not 5,625? Or, if we want to go cheaper, 5,600? Did they just randomly pile together a bunch of prizes then count them?

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