Knight Rider Becames Robert

No I haven’t lost my mind or suffered a blow to the head. I was just looking over Something Awful’s Holiday Shopping Guide when I found this:

You see, old Go-Bots don’t die, they just get sent to China to be given a paint job based on every pair of Umbros shorts I ever had.

At least I think this is a Go-Bot. He looks really familiar. Can anyone put a name on him for me?


Privateer, grenadier, raconteur. In the midwestiest place on earth.

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11 thoughts on “Knight Rider Becames Robert

  1. Drahken says:

    If you want to get technical, it’s not a gobots ripoff/bootleg, it’s a machine robo one.
    Scale Robo DX – MR-DX02 – Fairlady 280 Z

    Aside from lacking actual heads, and having limbs that were uber-scrawny compared to their bulky bodies, thesuper gobots were pretty decent. (Although not the ones which were just overgrown versions of normal gobots, like the cy-kill and leader-1 ones, they were nothing more than duplo-esque versions of normal gobots. They didn’t even bother to give them enhanced details or anything.)

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