NES Game Holders

I used to just stack my Atari 2600 games on my Atari 2600. I could get stack the games two deep and four across on the ridged 2600. Since I never had more than eight games at a time, it worked out pretty well.

But I needed something more for the NES. The games were larger and the unit was smaller, so stacking them in the Atari manner was out. Fortunately, there were several other storage options, some from Nintendo, others from third parties.

This game’s case was featured prominently in the movie The Wizard, along with Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Power Glove. It has a Nintendo logo on the front, so I think it is official. The games were inserted in a row with the labels up, making it easy to see which game was which. It could be closed up and toted around, so it was a pretty cool case to have.

This case was not portable like the other. It was just meant to stay at home. Cartridges went in with the labels facing out. There are several variations on this design, some of which were meant to be mounted into a wall.

This one is just a wire rack. It reminds me more of something you find in the kitchen than in the game room.

This “docking bay” had a cool roll down top. It came in 20-game (pictured here) and 10-game varieties.

This one holds not only your games but the NES itself. You were supposed to use it if you wanted to take your game somewhere.

And these were just a few of the many that existed. There were all sorts of other racks, cabinets, and even a TV cart. Some were plastic, others were wood. Some only held games, others held the controllers and even the entire system. Some were definitely cooler than others, but all were better than just stacking the games on your system.


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