Super Mario Sisters by Beth Turnsek

Would you have played Super Mario Brothers if the game had been Super Mario Sisters? Artist Beth Turnsek, flips the genders of your favorite Mario Universe characters and creates the all new Super Mario Sisters universe.

I think it looks great, but it begs the question, what would this new female Mario and Luigi sound like?


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3 thoughts on “Super Mario Sisters by Beth Turnsek

  1. JF says:

    Awesome! But wouldn’t it be “Super Maria Sisters”? :)

    Also I assume thats a guy Peach and guy Daisy… Prince Poach and Daizer?

  2. Rich says:

    This should definitely be made into a game, if for nothing else but for politically correct genius. They should do Super Mario 3DS as a female version next :)

  3. stephanie says:

    no, jf, it would not be the super maria sisters, as mario is their last name. mario mario and luigi mario. maybe it would be maria mario and luiga mario, but then they would still be the mario sisters. the real question is, would they still be plumbers?

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