Tron, Redux

I’m finally starting to get things set up in my new house. One of the collections I wanted to display right off the bat was my Tron figures.


That’s all four vintage Tron figures (still on the cards) in the back, with three of the four figures opened in the foreground, along with a vintage red light cycle. I do have the figures original glow-in-the-dark identify discs, although the cycle’s rip cord seems to have been derezzed.


On the shelves just outside my office are my newer Tron collectibles. That’s most of the new figures there (minus Flynn), along with a couple of the taller “deluxe” figures and two light cycles.

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6 thoughts on “Tron, Redux

  1. I had all four original Tron figures when I was younger. Surpringly I never had a light cycle though.

    Am I seeing things but do the carded ones say 20th Anniversay Edition by NECA on them?

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Did they ever make Recognizer toys in the original Tron series?

    I think I saw one for Legacy outputs.
    I could look it up, but I’ll pick Flack-Wiki for this query.

    Also, I’m still flu-ish and rezzing back to form.

  3. Whoops, yes — the carded ones are the 20th Anniversary figures. I just re-read what I typed and see the confusion. By “vintage” I meant from the original movie.

    I don’t think there are any classic Reconizer toys, but I know there are several newer ones, including a carrying case (like the old “Darth Vader” Star Wars one …) and a couple of smaller die-cast ones.

  4. Well that’s a relief, Flack. I was worried you thought you had MOC Tron figures from the original movie. :P

    And, yeah, there weren’t any Recognizer toys from the original toy line. I think it was just the four figures and two light cycles that were different colors.

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