The Rescuers Theatrical Poster (1977)

Caught this on the Disney Channel this afternoon, it had been far too long since I last joined Bernard and Miss Bianca in their rescue of Penny.

I remember standing in the lobby staring at this poster back in my youth. Thanks as always to IMP Awards for this wonderful scan of the theatrical poster from back in 1977.


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5 thoughts on “The Rescuers Theatrical Poster (1977)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great movie (and voice actors).
    Reminds me of the neo-cambrian thrills I had watching Pongo and Perdita rescuing their impressive litter of polka-dotted pups from the queen of mean, on the big screen.

    If I remember correctly, The Rescuers also has the blessed quality of being song-less?
    Or maybe I’m thinking of The Great Mouse Detective?
    Or both?
    More nog, please.

  2. First movie I ever saw in a movie theater.

    Strange thing about that. When I got to the movie theater there was a guy in a red striped jacket and straw hat standing in front of the screen. He left just as I entered the theater. I didn’t know what he was doing before I got there, but my five-year-old self assumed that every movie would have a live emcee to introduce it. Alas, I soon learned I was mistaken.

  3. You are quite right, Atari Adventure Square, especially in regard to the way some of the other Disney films followed the Musical approach. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen the Great Mouse Detective but I remember at least Vincent Price having a singing number as Professor Ratigan.

    @Infomerical Reviewer Now my friend, we need to put all of our Retro noggins together and pierce the mystery of the guy in the striped jacket and straw hat…I want to know more! :)

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