Dynamite Entertainment to publish The Bionic Woman

I’m surprised this is happening so quickly. I figured Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man would have finished it’s initial run before this offshoot hit the stands. Spinning out of the successful Dynamite Entertainment comic book series, The Bionic Man, The Bionic Woman makes her return to comic book form since the late 1970s.

Written by Paul Tobin with covers by Paul Renaud and interior art by Leno Carvalho, The Bionic Woman is poised to bring another iconic female super-hero back into the limelight. Dynamite Entertainment’s official description of the first issue is as follows:

“Paris is the city of love? Not anymore… not since Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman, came to town hot on the trail of the Mission, a collection of insanely high-priced surgeons who’ve been murdering OSI’s bionic prototypes in order to provide new life for billionaire patients. But while the Bionic Woman is hunting the Mission, their #1 hunter is after her! Can Jaime pick up the pieces of her past while protecting her life in the present, or will the city of love turn its back, and its bullets, on the Bionic Woman? Acclaimed writer Paul Tobin brings you a tale of baguettes, bullets, and bionic badass!”

Let’s hope this is just as successful as The Bionic Man and keeps the character in the spotlight! Look for The Bionic Woman to hit comic book shops March 28, 2012.

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6 thoughts on “Dynamite Entertainment to publish The Bionic Woman

  1. mwentworth says:

    I really need to check out the 70’s comics sometime. I never sought them out in the day, probably because of my general disdain for the art in Charlton Comics efforts. To be fair, I never saw the art in the bionic titles; it could be legendary…..

  2. Mwentworth, I have a couple of issues of the Charlton Six Million Dollar Man series. It’s nothing to write home about other than the retro coolness of it. I’m sure the Bionic Woman series is the same way. But it’s not going to stop me from seeking out and completing both series.

  3. I have many of the Charlton issues as well. While the interior art is okay, the covers are pretty awesome. Especially SMDM #1 and #4 – #6. I actually use art from #1 in my blog header. #4 features Steve battling an alligator, #5 is Steve throwing a motorcycle one-handed and #6 is Steve in space.

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