Weird Associations

Weird Associations

Do you have any weird associations? Do you associate any games or movies with any songs that have nothing to do with them? I have several, most of which were developed in the retro era.

My worst weird association is the Castlevania/”Endless Summer Nights” association. Though weird, I can at least explain this one. I used to play Nintendo while listening to the radio through a huge pair of stereo headphones. At the time I was playing Castlevania, Richard Marx’s “Endless Summer Nights” was in heavy rotation on the Columbus airwaves. And so I somehow put the two together. I particular put the song with Castlevania‘s second stage. I still hear it in my head today whenever I kill Medusa. To get the affect, start both videos below, then turn off the volume of the Castlevania video and watch it while Marx croons.

While this weird association is perhaps the worst, there are others, most of which are inexplicable. I associate Chicago’s “Love Me Tomorrow” with The Dark Crystal, Toto’s “Africa” with The Beastmaster, and the G.I. Joe hangglider with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I imagine that these weird associations are a byproduct of living through an era where so oversaturated with media that it often overlaps. I also imagine that you have some weird associations as well.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. The Cheap Trick song “Ghost Town” always reminds me of endless hours playing the original Zork trilogy on an Apple 2, so I guess it was my favorite song at the time. The model was either a II Plus or a IIe, depending on which I could borrow from school over the weekend. The fact that they would allow us to drag the machines home (loose even, no carry cases!) on the school bus every Friday still blows my mind when I look back on it, old models or not. My school wasn’t exactly bursting at the seams with revenue. :)

  2. My association is Simply Red’s “Blue” album (I know, I know…) with “Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past” from when I was living overseas in England. Blue is not so retro as it was released in 1995, but I just happened to have this album on high rotation when I first discovered this great video game. Thanks to Toby B. for the SNES (wherever you are now!)

  3. “Africa” and beastmaster are actually a pretty logical association, since beastmaster took place in a very africa-like setting, complete with wild animals & a tarzan-like main character.

    A couple such for me are SMB3 and the simpsons album (especially “do the bartman”), and bonk’s revenge and ozzy’s “no rest for the wicked” album (especially “fire in the sky”). In both of these cases, I used to listen to those albums a lot while playing those games.

  4. First thing I thought of with Weird Associations is with food. Whenever I fire up a Commodore computer I get a hankering for Keebler Tato Skins snack chips.

  5. Yeah, I have some of those too. I always associate the Charlie Brown specials with Dolly Madison cakes (which isn’t that weird, since the cakes were heavily advertised during the specials) and early 80s arcade games with pizza (which also isn’t that weird, since I played many of those games in pizza parlors).

    A lot of these associations are general as well. The other day, I was doing bench presses in the gym. Debbie Gibson’s “Lost In Your Eyes” came on the gym radio and I instantly wanted to play NES. Not any specific game, just NES. So I guess there’s an association there. I also associate the Sony Walkman with the pool for some reason.

  6. I played many dozens of Doom 2 user maps while having Law And Order’s early seasons in the background.
    I’d always reach Cyberdemons as Micheal Moriarty showed up.
    So to me, while Law is a whole lotta Imp fragging and quest for keys, Order is a BFG.

  7. If you want a wierder one: Woodsmoke = lite brite and spirograph.
    When I was little, we lived out in the boonies & had a wood burning furnace, lite brite and spirograph were 2 of the toys I had then. I don’t know why I only associate it with those 2 specifically and none of my other indoor toys though.

  8. @ Drahken, thanks, you just reminded me of another. The smell of kerosene/a kerosene heater = Robotech. I used to light that heater in the “playroom” (re: a converted garage) everyday when I came home from school before Robotech started.

  9. Another one that just occurred to me: The dukes of hazzard show & the SNES game the adventures of dr franken. They seem like an extremely weird association since they are at least a decade apart from one another, but I was playing dr franken while watching reruns of dukes of hazzard one time. I have no idea why that one instance was enough to make the association stick though.

  10. David Cronenberg’s “The Fly” and Genesis’s “Land of Confusion”.

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