Decorating with Delicious Dog Toys

Decorating with Delicious Dog Toys

I really need to stay out of Big Lots, as I always end up finding something “I just couldn’t live without” every time I step foot in that place. Over the weekend while walking through the store, this caught my eye:


A stuffed, fluffy pack of Bubble Yum. Bubble Yum was one of my favorite types of bubble gum as a kid (right behind Bubblicious), so I just had to have this thing. What’s $3 between friends, right? As I began digging I found more pieces of stuffed candy. Hersey’s Kisses, packs of Twizzlers, and Jolly Ranchers of every color!

Turns out, they’re chew toys for dogs. Before I knew it I had 10 of them in my cart. Other than a few color variations of the Hersey Kisses (who needs red or green Hersey Kisses?), I pretty much got one of each of them.

“Boy are you going to have one happy dog when you get home,” said the cashier.

“I don’t have a dog,” I responded.

(Insert awkward silence here …)

My new house has a built-in home theater room, and I was thinking that these would be a great way to decorate my new “snack area”.


As soon as I get my popcorn machine and gumball dispensers set up, I think I’ll pile these around them and see how it looks. If it looks terrible, I guess I can always donate them to the pound!

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  1. Dogs get all the coolest toys.

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