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Weird Associations

Do you have any weird associations? Do you associate any games or movies with any songs that have nothing to do with them? I have several, most of which were developed in the retro era. My worst weird association is the Castlevania/”Endless Summer Nights” association. Though weird, I can at […]

Batman Theatrical Trailer (1966)

Though filmed and produced after the second season, Batman: The Movie was released into theaters after the first season had finished it’s highly popular run on television. There apparently were plans to do a second movie that would have included the introduction of Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl before she […]

Video Archive Project!

I’m not sure why I’m announcing this project to such fanfare, because I honestly don’t know how it’s going to turn out. This holiday I stayed at my parents’ house in Chicago, going through the cathartic process of clearing out the old room (or as my friends refer to it […]


I have owned Bluprint since I was a kid and I remember being very frustrated playing it for one reason, the game is part maze game (it has multiple parts) and at the very start, they very quickly tell you what houses in the maze you need to visit. Sometimes, […]

200 by Vincent Collins

This odd animated short was done by Vincent Collins for the United States 200th birthday back in 1976. It was funded by a Bicentennial Project Grant and was government money well spent. Trippy and unusual is an understatement with this one. Enjoy.