The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers…Toys?

Thanks to Saturday World’s fantastic post about the Galaxy Rangers yesterday, it brought up one of my sore points about the series from my youth. Why was there no toys?

Well…there were, just not in the States.

Thanks to our friends over at Topless Robot we now have that proof. Galoob toys had produced a line of toys for the Galaxy Rangers but when the cartoon series didn’t do as well (Which is a crime!) as they had hoped the line was released only in Europe.


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6 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers…Toys?

  1. @plcary Close, friend, close! That is one Lazarus Slade, a scientist that happens to work for the Queen of the Crown. He’s pretty much a jerk.

    I love Captain Kidd by the way, the bird-like Pirate…I just wish this series would get a reboot or something. Apparently you can find some loose figures on E*Bay from time to time for about $30, which isn’t a bad price at all.

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