Christmas, 1979

I am so, so lucky to have had parents who enjoyed taking pictures. I have so many pictures from my childhood.

Here’s a picture of me Christmas Eve, 1979. I would have been six years old in this picture.


Those two little houses near the front of the train tracks are models that my dad and I bought and put together. The brown, shorter one came with a bunch of plastic barrels that I used to haul around in circles around the tree on the train.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas, 1979

  1. I’m just glad nobody mentioned my pink denim pants. It was the 70s, what can I say?

    That wrapping paper is a funny memory. My dad worked at a print shop for 30 years and had access to huge rolls of white glossy paper. It was not unusual at our house to see piles of presents under the tree, all wrapped in white paper! I seemed to remember a year or two where our presents were wrapped in newspaper, too.

  2. Flack, I have had some of my presents in my youth wrapped in that Mr. and Mrs. Snowman paper! You are going to force me to dig up some of my old photos, friend.

  3. Fraze says:

    Is that a Lionel Lines train set?? It sure looks like one…I recognize the engine and the control box (ours was black). My brother had a Lionel set just like that. I remember vividly this little bottle of “stuff” that you dripped into the smoke stack and it would make the engine smoke. I was always putting it in there :) Classic pic.

  4. Badwolf says:

    That is an awesome time capsule shot. Love the train. Didn’t notice the pink jeans. Who cares? It’s a great shot and anyone on this board would be ENVIOUS to have a photo like this in their collection.

    When we were REALLY little (like 3-4), my day set up his trains on a ping pong table in the basement, and each year, we’d beg him to set them up until we just forgot about them. He never set them up again. This year we did a pretty cool set up – not around the tree (that’ll happen next year) but on the ping pong table.

    Flack – that is uber-cool – do you still do trains?

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