Remember The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers?

THE ADVENTURES OF THE GALAXY RANGERS came out in syndication in 1986. And I never saw it until 2011. I can’t believe I missed this gem of entertainment! This show had it all! Cowboys and Aliens! Spaceships! Strange Planets! 80s rock ballads (no, seriously, it had 80s rock ballads!)

The show was produced by Koch Entertainment, but the animation was done by TMS (Tokyo Movie Shinsha) Entertainment, the same animation studio responsible for the movie AKIRA. It starred such voices as Jerry Orbach (LAW & ORDER, DISNEY’S BEAUTY & THE BEAST), Earl Hammond (THUNDERCATS, SILVERHAWKS), and Corrine Orr (SPEED RACER, ULTRAMAN). It ran for 65 episodes and it’s mix of computer animation and cartoon animation was revolutionary for it’s time.

The 65 episodes were originally not played in order. In fact, it wasn’t until the release of the DVD sets that they finally presented the cartoons in chronological order. Also, the series was quite a struggle at times, because there were three animation groups out of TMS Entertainment that presented three different quality levels of animation. At times, the animation would look fantastic, and other episodes the animation was a little sloppy. The other interesting fact about the series is that the animation was done first, and then the voices were recorded, where most other audio for cartoons are recorded first and then the animation is created to synch up with the voices.

Wanna watch the episodes for free? Go to Hulu or click here. Or, buy the series on DVD from Amazon here. I seriously cannot in words recommend this series more highly than I am right now. It’s an awesome piece of cartoon entertainment.

Here’s one of their music videos featuring the song that they used for their opening, entitled “No Guts, No Glory”:

Thanks to kochvision for the intro and MightyHedgehog for the music video.

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