Now Youre Playing With Powar X: Endgame

Now Youre Playing With Powar X: Endgame

Retro musicians Temp Sound Solutions recently released Now Youre Playing With Powar X: Endgame, their twelfth album. From the band:

Now Youre Playing With Powar X: Endgame is an album by fans, for fans. The love of the music, the fandom, and all great nintentions and putting it all on the line is the intent of this album in all respects. On this foray, we are proud to bring forth a full band album with tons of stregnth, stripping away all backing electronics present on other NYPWP releases and going for a ‘one mind, one sound’ aesthetic that video game music deserves, just as you would hear it if it were performed live. This album shows a balance of both a more sensitive side as well as a visceral nature that encapsulates Temp Sound Solutions as it is, was, and forever will be. You can’t lose if you dont play, and this is Endgame.


With song titles like “Commando Man,” “Gauntlet,” and “TMNT,” this is a release retro gamers will surely enjoy. According to the band’s website, the album is available as a digital download for $8, or as a physical CD for $10. Five tracks are also available on the site for free streaming.


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