The One That Got Away: Thundercats Driller

The One That Got Away: Thundercats Driller

A few weeks ago before the madcap pace of the Holidays enveloped me I found a toy at one of the local flea markets in my neck of the woods, it had been well loved in its time but still was in great shape, I picked it up and carried around with me…but I couldn’t figure out what it was…it looked familiar but my old memory banks were just not producing the answer.

I sadly put this toy back, I decided to buy some Muppet Caper glasses for my Wife…but I found the mystery of that toy was stuck in my head these past weeks. Why had it look so familiar? What toy line was it from?

Thanks to the ThunderCats Lair I now know it was Driller, one of the Ram-Pagers Thundercats toys. As soon as I learned what toy line he was from I remembered him in the animated series.

He was a mercenary that worked for Mumm-Ra twice in the series and even for Jackalman during the rebellion against the Thundercats and the Mutants. His pay? Diamonds to keep his drills sharp.

So we went back today to pick up Driller…and someone else had picked him up. Wherever that little mercenary happened to end up I hope it went to a good home…with plenty of diamonds.


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  1. Doh! I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times. You go back thinking no one wants that old (insert flea market item here) only to find it gone. I think you and I keep the local flea markets picked clean of any cool old toys!

  2. I feel for you , I have had similar experiences, I did however get a Ben Gali under similar circumstances where I went back a few minutes later and was lucky he was still there, good to know treasures can still be found. To the hunt!

  3. @plcary You’ve got that right, friend!
    @Gazbot That’s a good Thundercat figure, I always liked his character in the animated series because he was a blacksmith. :)

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