Micronauts Aliens by Tom Krohne

Micronauts Aliens

I remember getting the first wave of these for my birthday and then the second wave were waiting for me on a Friday afternoon as my parents picked me up from school, good times.


Cobbled together from equal parts old Atlas Comics Monsters, Universal Monster scraps and unused Saturday Morning cartoon villains by way of a custom low brow paint job on the side of a hot rod hearse; Monsterfink sets forth from his crypt in unending quest to acquire as much monster related merchandise as possible until the villagers catch up to him.

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5 thoughts on “Micronauts Aliens by Tom Krohne

  1. mwentworth says:

    Great pic! Don’t tell me you had the Ampzilla too? Can’t wait to get into a bigger space so I can properly display my Micronauts!

  2. Wow, Tom! Great artwork…though I am very ashamed to admit that I had not heard of Ampzilla before today. I will hereby rip up my membership card in the Micronauts fan club. ;)

  3. mwentworth says:

    Ampzilla is really not impressive, or much fun to play with, but an uber rare, several hundred dollar final cherry on top of your Micronauts collection. I did have a Lobstros, which was cool, but I sold it and used the dough to buy a bunch of lesser toys I didn’t have yet.

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