1978 Burger Chef Star Wars Fun Meals

In 1978, Burger Chef was right with the nations zeitgeist, selling their burgers and fries with a side-order of Star Wars. They were among the first companies to do so and ran a commercials advertising the facts.

We were not frequenters of Burger Chef (they were hard to come by in our neck of the woods), but I swear I had one of these posters on my wall as a kid. Perhaps one of my parents picked it up for their Star Wars crazed kid.


My favorite is this one because of the kid with the Sand Speeder at the start. He is either lost in dream of far off Tantooine or more likely is really really bored. How dare you kid! Show some respect!



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10 thoughts on “1978 Burger Chef Star Wars Fun Meals

  1. Badwolf says:

    Where does Burger Chef exist? I don’t think they had them in NY when I was growing up, and they don’t have them in Phoenix.

    I can’t imagine what a full set of posters and happy meal boxes would go for in today’s collector market. I say this because these collectibles seemed to be ahead of the curve, and that usually counts for something.

  2. Those posters appear to be the same design as the ones Burger King had BITD, and that apparently informed the design of their SW collector’s glasses (my full collection of which my fiancee accidentally threw in the trash during a move a few years ago :( I never let her forget that). I’d never heard of Burger Chef before now – we didn’t have them up here in NY. I thought maybe – due to the similarity in posters and chain name – there was some relationship between the two chains. Guess not, though. Too bad they didn’t get this far north – the food on their menu looks like it was tasty. (And Hardees – mmmmm. Haven’t eaten there since 1980, but I loved their burgers. They’re still around, right?)

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