TV Holiday Classics helps to keep a broke Retroist occupied

A few weeks back my wife came home from black friday shopping with a peace offering for me. She had bought me the DVD set featured above, “Holiday TV Classics” and also the “Holiday Family Classics” set. She said, “they were only $5 each. Why dont you go sit down and check them out and I will unload this stuff?”

49 classic holiday TV shows
Great DVD set from Millcreek Entertainment has 49 holiday episodes

I knew that this meant that she had spent every dime I had to my name and that I could not afford to leave the house, so thank goodness I had 42 hours worth of new retro entertainment in my hands. I am almost through the TV classics set and enjoying it a lot. A lot of the shows even have the original commercials intact.

Some of the highlights of this set are three episodes of the Jack Benny show, five Ozzie and Harriet shows, along with a few Dragnets, Red Skeltons, and lots of more obscure titles. Video quality varies throughout the set, but some shows are old enough that kinescopes are the only way they have survived.

As with many “holiday compilations”, some of these are New Years themed episodes and a few are Thanksgiving related. The set is avilable at Amazon for just over $5.

The other set, Holiday Family Classics, has 12 mostly public-domain movies and 27 Christmas cartoons. Notable among the movies are “The Littlest Angel”, “Miracle on 34th Street” (the 1955 TV version), and “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. The rest I am not familiar with, but will comment here after viewing.

Needless to say I was more excited for the TV compilation, which I can highly recommend!


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