The Pink Panther’s Pink Christmas


Originally released in 1978, The Pink Panther’s A Pink Christmas is not your average Christmas tail … er, tale. Throughout most of the 30 minute special, the Pink Panther is starving and in search of food. He’s so hungry in fact that at one point he makes his own wanted poster and tries to have himself arrested just so he can have a warm meal!

Along with A Pink Christmas, two other Pink Panther made for TV movies (1980’s Olym-Pinks and 1981’s Pink at First Sight) are also included on the DVD which was released in 2007. Although I found a copy locally for $9.99, has it even cheaper than that.

I’m a fan of slightly off-the-beaten-path holiday specials, and this one certainly fits the bill.


Thanks to for the pictures!

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One thought on “The Pink Panther’s Pink Christmas

  1. plcary says:

    I’d like to see that one. I did find a “Pink Panther Christmas on vinyl for a buck last year. I wonder if that came out as a tie-in to the animated show?

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