Kenner Star Wars Y-Wing Commercial (1983)

Do you know what the greatest starfighter was that the Rebel Alliance had access to during it’s Rebellion against the Empire in the original Star Wars Trilogy? The B-Wing? Close. No, hands down for me was the BTL Y-Wing starfighter which just so happened to be built by Koensayr Manufacturing.

Hey, fun fact: “nearly one fifth of all starships in operation had at least one component from this company.”

I’ve always wanted a Y-Wing fighter vehicle but somehow it’s managed to elude my collection these many years. On my 11th Birthday party I had requested one of them as my “big” gift…instead I received three Tauntauns. Why I needed that many Reptomammals is beyond me.

Thanks to the Star Wars Toy Box for that pic up top as well as to 12 Back for uploading that vintage commercial over on YouTube!


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6 thoughts on “Kenner Star Wars Y-Wing Commercial (1983)

  1. I never owned one either. When I was a kid I ended up with two X-Wing fighters and I ended up breaking off the top 2 wings of one and turning the guns around backwards to try and make it look like a Y-Wing. (It looked horrible.)

    Along with the Y-Wing, I’ve never owned a B-Wing, an AT-ST (the two-legged one), or a Tyderian Shuttle, which is a crime as it may be my favorite ship of the entire series.

  2. I had the Snow Speeder which sadly suffered from the dreaded ‘snapped canopy” due to over exuberant playing. Y-wing looks awesome. I like the advert; a Rebel base made of cards – ingenious! :)

  3. vinvectrex says:

    My favorite too – and I never owned one. But, fun fact, Toys R Us has an exclusive new version in retro packaging. They call it the Vintage Y-Wing. It runs around $40, but I have to say I’m tempted.

  4. I DID own the Y Wing and it was EPIC! The thing could actually drop a bomb for crying out loud. A bomb! I can’t tell you how many Imperial forces were felled by that one bomb alone, being dropped over and over again on the unsuspecting schleps.

  5. Good point, BubbaShelby. I think a lot of people forget that thing is a bomber…it would have probably blown up the Death Star if people had bothered to protect them! ;)

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